As of May 6, 2022

Alderman Oaks visitor policies are subject to change; should Local, State, or National regulatory agencies instruct us to do so or should the need for certain precautions below change.

We do not have set visiting hours and will not restrict visitors that are able to pass our screening questionnaire.

  • We do not have any restrictions regarding the length of a visit, except in the case of long-term guests. If a resident’s guest would exceed 14 consecutive overnight stays, then the guest would become a tenant and must be added to the lease unless Alderman Oaks agreed to the extended stay due to extenuating circumstances.
  • We will not require our residents to assign an essential caregiver that could stay at least 2 hours a day regardless of circumstances because we are not restricting visitors in any scenario. However, residents and families may wish to limit visitation as an infection control precaution and may assign an essential caregiver if desired. The essential caregiver can be changed daily. This is not a requirement of our facility.

We expect all visitors to conduct themselves in a manor appropriate to our environment. Any visitor that threatens the safety of our residents or employees will be asked to leave.

All visitors must adhere to the current infection control education/policies below:

  • All staff and visitors must fill out the screening questionnaire and take their temperature at the front office before entering the building.
  • Any staff or visitor who will come in close contact with assisted residents on the 2nd floor should wear a facial covering.
  • We do not require masks in other areas of the building.
  • Hand sanitizer use after touching high traffic surfaces, before entering, and after leaving an assisted resident’s apartment is strongly encouraged.
  • Assisted residents may have no more than 3 guests at one time.
  • Travelling overnight guests should take a COVID test before their stay as an added precaution since we would not require the use of masks while staying in their loved one’s apartment.
  • Guests wishing to eat in the dining room with our assisted residents should check with the front office. This option will not be available to guests when the COVID community level is above 10% based on the Department of Health’s reports.

Should a resident be placed under isolation or quarantine due to suspected or confirmed COVID infection then we would require the following.

  • All visitors must follow the safety guidelines posted on the resident’s front door, including proper PPE listed. The instructions of how to safely put them on and take them off would also be posted.
  • Gloves, Eye Protection, N95 masks and gowns would be required. PPE is available for purchase at the front office for visitors that do not have their own.

Our Compliance Officer is responsible for the oversight of adherence to the above policies.

  • Loving, caring ownership and staff
  • Services catering to different lifestyle needs
  • Active Resident Council and Committees
  • Located in "Heart" of Downtown Sarasota
  • Regular Spiritual Opportunities
  • Flexible Transportation
  • Exercises, health diets, and access to an on-site Wellness Center
  • Weekly Happy Hour with Live Entertainment (We dance!)
  • Just Around the Corner From the Friendship Center
  • Rental Only Apartments (No buy-in required)
  • Choice of studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom Floor Plans
  • Able to transition into Assisted Living if needed