How Alderman Oaks is Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Rusty Blix, Founder
Alderman Oaks Retirement Residence

During these unsettling times we have had to be adaptable, creative, flexible, and resourceful to respond to the challenges of the Coronavirus. The unusual circumstances have tested our resolve but our unwavering faith and great group of staff and outside professionals place us in a position to continue serving our residents, their family members, and circle of supporters in a meaningful way.

We are also welcoming new residents during this period who are seeking to be in a safer, healthier, and a loving environment. Take a look at some of the compelling reasons why Alderman Oaks might be just the right place to be.

Reasons for Moving into a Furnished Apartment at Alderman Oaks During the Coronavirus Pandemic

1. The environment of Alderman Oaks is kept as safe as possible.
     – Our goal is that nothing comes into the building without being sprayed with sanitizers.
     – Every person who enters the building has their temperature taken and fills out a virus-related questionnaire.
     – No employee or subcontractor can come into the building with any symptom of illness.
     – Surfaces are regularly and extensively sanitized.
     – All food for kitchen preparation coming into the building comes from major suppliers like Sysco Inc. who protect their product from

2. Residents do not need to leave Alderman Oaks’ property exposing themselves potentially to the virus.
     – Our residents don’t need to go off the premises for any shopping for necessities.
     – All needed products are delivered to Alderman Oaks, sanitized, and delivered to their rooms.
     – Delicious and healthy meals are delivered to our residents’ rooms.
     – Safe outside areas are available to our residents with social distancing applied.
     – Mobile doctors, nurses, and other health care workers come to Alderman Oaks to serve the residents.
     – We have access to telehealth programs to address the needs of our residents.
     – General contact with workers, neighbors, storekeepers who may not use the best recommended health procedures are avoided.

3. Financial programs are in effect to allow for temporary stays as well as permanent leases.
     – Should a short-term stay transition into a permanent lease, a credit will be given for the monthly difference.
     – Seniors may choose among a variety of studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments, when available.

4. Family members can feel comfortable that their loved ones are in a safe environment.
     – Alderman Oaks provides direct contact availability to staff who ensure good communications.
     – Alderman Oaks staff will facilitate communications among family members using computers, facetime, etc.

Alderman Oaks Has Often Been Ahead of the Crowd

Alderman Oaks prepared as best as possible for the Coronavirus Pandemic. In addition, our dedicated staff (with very low turnover ratio) has led to a level of maturity to work effectively through the stress of the times.
1.  All of our common area air conditioners have ultraviolet lights approved for killing bacteria, viruses, etc.
2. We have a professional steaming machine to sanitize outside and inside furniture.
3. We have a stock of an antibacterial-fungus-virus product which can be used to fog any room or hallway in minutes to sanitize a possibly infected room or hallway.
4. We have ample protective masks for employees and residents.
5. We have individual air conditioners in our apartments so that there can be no cross-contamination.

We Have Been Ahead of the Curve in Taking Steps to Isolate and Protect Our Residents.
1. Early on we have prohibited any employee from working who has any symptom of any illness, even a cold.
2. We have applied for the SBA loan so that we can assure that our employees, who are home for their own or their children’s health, can still be paid.
3. In addition to our staff sanitizing surfaces many times a day, we have professional cleaners sanitize surfaces twice per week.
4. We spray all packages coming into the building with a disinfectant.
5. All staff wear masks within our building.
6. Residents wear a mask while in common areas in route to out-of-doors.
7. If any resident has the slightest symptom of any illness, the exhaust fan in that apartment is turned on to create a slight negative air pressure to help assure no spreading of germs into hallways.

Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic We Have Led Our Industry in Other Initiatives
A couple of examples are:
1. We were the first Senior Living Community in the area to install Hearing Loop Systems for use with hearing devices equipped with T-Coil technology.
2. We were the first, and may still be the only Senior Living Community, to establish a protocol to offer Medical Cannabis products to our residents.

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