Alderman Oaks 25th Anniversary – Notes From Our Founder

By Rusty Blix, Founder and President of Alderman Oaks Retirement Center in Downtown Sarasota.

During our 25th anniversary year we are working on significant interior remodeling and increasing availability of two-bedroom apartments. We are also making a slight change in our service model. Because of the attractiveness of downtown Sarasota for active seniors who enjoy the arts and theaters, Alderman Oaks now offers a wider choice and level of services.

A rental plan designed to be very competitive with traditional rental apartments is now added to our choice of lifestyles. The availability of additional help if desired or needed and excellent food service sets us apart. Alderman will also be offering concierge transportation to downtown venues. We plan to be known as a place that provides “easy senior living” so that our residents can continue to enjoy a full and active lifestyle.

Residents may now choose to come and go as they please and be relatively incognito paying for meals or transportation only when it meets their needs. However, most will probably want to enjoy the warmth of our relatively small and intimate residence with a variety of activities and exercise classes.
Most choose from different food programs and levels of services, including concierge health care or even an assisted living level of care.  Another major benefit for our residents is that another move may never be required!

What is the Calling of Alderman Oaks Retirement Center and What Makes us Stand Out Versus Other Senior Housing Opportunities?

In the year of our 25th anniversary, I have been reviewing our “Mission” statement written at our founding. Our statement is as follows:

“Alderman Oaks is a senior rental retirement community committed to providing high quality, high
value, and affordable housing and care. At Alderman Oaks we recognize and appreciate each person’s God-given potential, individuality, and dignity.”

Our advertising has often stated that “Alderman Oaks is Unique.”  A wonderful downtown Sarasota location, a caring family atmosphere, and consistently dedicated team all contribute to the uniqueness that really makes a difference in the quality of life that our residents enjoy.

How Have We Done So Far in Our 25 Years of Serving Sarasota?

We have continually and consistently provided high quality, high value, and relatively affordable housing and care. During our 25 years of existence, Sarasota has developed into one of the most attractive and desirable cities in The United States, known throughout the world for its arts and attractions.

Alderman has had the high privilege of serving many seniors over these years and has had multiple instances of serving more than one generation in a family.

The longevity of our service team is indicative of our care for all those we serve including our workers. Our staff turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry. Two of our most important leadership team have been with us 20 and 18 years. Our chef has been with us for 8 years and, through her direction,  making possible outstanding dining experiences for our residents.

Our ownership has not changed in 25 years; and our vision continues to be on track.  And we are looking forward to a continuation of Alderman’s long-followed mission through the addition of younger family members in leadership roles.

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