Independent Plus Program For Emergency Situations

Adaptive Assisted Living Care for Independent Residents
During Special Circumstances

New state provisions for hurricane preparation have been mandated for Assisted Living Facilities because of the COVID-19 virus. These changes along with our experience during 2017 Hurricane Irma have necessitated clarification of what we can and cannot do for Independent Residents.

Alderman Oaks has created an additional category of care to allow us to accommodate independent resident needs during emergencies. The category will be under our Assisted Living License. It will provide only minimal service but allow us to assist during emergencies.

The charges for this program will be our standard one-time $500 transition fee, plus $50/month (for current Independent Residents) for general observation documentation. Additional services will be charged, as utilized, at an hourly rate of $40.

On the reverse side of this flyer is information more fully describing the need with the reasoning behind the new program opportunity. We have also included a list of functions that our two licenses will and will not permit us to do for Assisted and Independent Residents, and what could be provided with the new program. In the beginning the availability of the program will be on a first come, first served basis. Depending on the popularity of the program, Alderman Oaks might have to increase the number of Assisted beds under our existing Assisted Living license.


Alderman Oaks has developed an in-between level of care and under the Independent Plus Program a resident is under an assisted living contract, for very limited assisted services.
– Two meals are required under the assisted living license.
– We are permitted to contact doctors and families on a resident’s behalf and provide hands-on help
for occasional difficulties (full assisted living would be required if the needs were regular).

Alderman Oaks would be permitted to provide assistance if needed during emergencies. Under an
Independent Plus contract a resident would make their own doctor appointments, order and take their own medications correctly or have family handle appointments and meds.
– A resident would not be prompted for meds, meals, or activities.
– A resident must maintain good hygiene including both body and clothes.
– Alderman Oaks would document one general observation per week.
If it were determined that the resident was not maintaining all the disciplines above, a higher level
of assisted living contract would be required.


– Is operated under Apartment-Hotel License.
– Facilities are not allowed to help with physical or medical needs – No hands-on assistance.
– Allowed only to call 911 – Many independent facilities have no night help and will not assist a
person who falls.
– Not able to help during a medical incident such as unclear thinking during a urinary tract infection.
– Independent residents should be able to manage in a hotel setting:
▪ Should be able to arrange their own transportation and extra supplies for emergencies.
▪ Should be able to recognize changes in their health and make appropriate doctor appointments.
▪ Should be able to manage medications and quickly arrange for medication changes.
▪ Should be able to arrange for meals in emergency circumstances.
▪ Should be able to arrange pet boarding.
▪ Should be able to arrange for Home Health or Lab work.
▪ Should be able to do simple First Aid for self.
▪ If needed should be able to monitor BP, coumadin, diabetes, etc.
▪ Should be able to clean self and premises in case of any incontinence issues.
▪ Should be able to arrange for private duty caregiver if needed for short time.
▪ Should be able to arrange for technology assistance, etc. if needed.
▪ Should be able to get to meals on time and motivate self to participate in activities.
▪ Independent residents must be able to manage their laundry and personal hygiene.

Some Independent Residents have family members who supplement their support by helping with some of the tasks above. It is important when family is helping that they are very attentive so that changes and needs can be identified in a timely manner. During emergencies, it would be expected that these residents would stay with their family until the emergency (such as hurricane) is past.

– Help with all activities listed under Independent Living would be handled by Alderman Oaks staff
except for arranging for some diabetes management.
– Help is available for assistance with activities of daily living.
– Assisted Living resident health is monitored and reported to appropriate professionals.
– All three meals are provided, and beds are made daily.
– Help is available for bathing or showering, personal hygiene.
– Daily bedmaking, weekly laundry.

Please feel free to speak to Alderman Oaks’ leadership about this program as it is important that all residents understand their responsibilities during emergencies.

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  • Loving, caring ownership and staff
  • Services catering to different lifestyle needs
  • Active Resident Council and Committees
  • Located in "Heart" of Downtown Sarasota
  • Regular Spiritual Opportunities
  • Flexible Transportation
  • Exercises, health diets, and access to an on-site Wellness Center
  • Weekly Happy Hour with Live Entertainment (We dance!)
  • Just Around the Corner From the Friendship Center
  • Rental Only Apartments (No buy-in required)
  • Choice of studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom Floor Plans
  • Able to transition into Assisted Living if needed