Wellness Programs 

We have developed an exceptional wellness and exercise program to empower our residents to live an active life. Our daily exercise has lively leaders who make it fun to get into shape. In addition, our wellness program includes a YMCA membership and nutritionist-approved meals. Many of our residents and their families have mentioned to us that they have seen great improvement in their energy levels and their mobility, which in turn allows them to better enjoy doing other things.  We have recently made the decision to put a special emphasis on independent living so that our residents will be part of an environment of vitality.

Living in downtown Sarasota is very important too because you're closer to so many interesting things to do. All kinds of "real" activities are close by. By "real" we mean the things you have always done, not activities designed solely for and with older people. We think it keeps people younger to be part of "real" life, having younger people around, feeling the energy of downtown Sarasota. If you live downtown now, letting us take some of the grind out of life can help you keep doing the things you enjoy in the neighborhood you're used to. While I was writing this letter, I talked to a gentleman resident who, at 10:30 in the morning, had already walked to his bank, his stockbroker and a hardware store!

Both residents and their family find it comforting to know that help from well trained staff, if needed, is only seconds away. Most of the time residents feel better because they eat regular, healthy, and delicious meals. Transportation often helps residents to be more active than they have been for years, and it's nice to have energy to do things you enjoy!

Our wellness program includes:

  •   YMCA membership
  •   Daily exercise (6 days per week with professional leaders)
  •   Nutritionist approved meals appealing to the eyes and taste
  •   Busy Activity schedule
  •   Regular entertainment 
  •   Regular staff accompanied walks in the marina area
  •   Physical therapists regularly working in our physical therapy room
  •   Active observation of residents by staff to encourage physical therapy 
      when it would be effec

Alderman Oaks is a Sponsor at the Upcoming DSCA Forum on Optimal Aging and Life Planning


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Alderman Oaks was the First Area Retirement Community to Provide Hear Loop Systems in our
Meeting Rooms


Based on Our Success We Are Now Installing Loops in Individual Resident Apartments



Hearing Loop Systems Enhance the Hearing of those Using Hearing Aids and Devices with T-coil Technology

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