Make everyday independence day.  Daily automated phone calls confirm well-being.  Email notifications bring peace of mind to a Care Circle of family, friends, and professionals.

How FineThanx Works!

FineThanx is a convenient automated service that places a once or twice daily call to a special someone living independently. You choose the call frequency — and even the time period. And, you can have calls made to two different phones — home and mobile, for example.

Pressing #1 indicates all is well; pressing #2 means a request for assistance. It's that simple. Emails then go to a Care Circle of family, friends, and professionals, and everyone knows that all is well.

If assistance is requested, or if a call goes unanswered after three attempts at each listed number, a second automated calling sequence is initiated to the Care Circle, one person at a time, up to 5 people, until someone who can respond is reached. Now, that's peace of mind. are the benefits?

Automated wellness calls provide a real sense of comfort and security every day. Notifications create constant connections. And isn't it a nice idea to have regular reminders about who is important to us?

FineThanx is affordable, flexible, and a cinch to manage. And no installation or special equipment is required. All you need is a telephone. It couldn't be easier.

Just think: Now you can bring greater freedom to independent living, and provide comfort for all — with FineThanx.

Who is FineThanx For?

Do you know someone who wants to remain independent and self-sufficient, and whose family, friends, and caregivers want to know that they are okay – every day? Then FineThanx is for you!

Why is it Different?

You've probably seen those ''panic button'' systems advertised on TV, and they can certainly be helpful in a crisis if the device is nearby. FineThanx is unique because if your special someone is disoriented, unconscious, or cannot locate their device, you'll still know if there is a problem.

Use FineThanx alone or as the perfect companion to the ''panic button'' device, and get a moment of assurance each and every day.

7 Days Free!

We’re so confident of the peace of mind FineThanx will bring to you and your family, we want you to try it free. Get all the benefits of FineThanx for seven days with absolutely no cost or obligation. If you decide it’s not right for you, cancel prior to the end of the seven-day trial and you won’t pay a penny. If you find the security & simplicity of FineThanx brings you peace of mind, then sit back and we will begin billing you $34.95 a month. You can cancel at any time. No early termination fees. No penalties. No kidding. So go ahead – sign up today .

Finethanx Website

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